A sweet boost to your day with Caffeine & B Vitamins

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Milk chocolate, caramel, and a fluffy center combined with Caffeine and B Vitamins for a natural energy boost to tackle your day.

Beat the 3:00 slump with Mybite’s natural energy boosters. Our experts combined the natural healthy energy in B Vitamins with a kick of Caffeine.

Each bite has 20 mg of Caffeine, so you can choose your dose. Need a little pick me up, eat one in the afternoon – had a late night, try two in the morning. It's like the choose your own adventure vitamin - made just for you!

Vegetarian Vegetarian
Gluten Free Gluten-free
Only 25 calories Only 25 calories
No artificial colors or flavors No artificial colors or flavors
Same sugar as a gummy vitamin Same sugar as a gummy vitamin
Made in the USA Made in the USA

Inside the bite



a perfect boost without the crash

B Vitamins

B Vitamins

work naturally with your body to convert food to fuel

Energy Chocolate Vitamin

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