Inside the Bite

Inside the Bite

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Quality is at the core of everything we do

We formulate, develop and manufacture our products in a vertically integrated modern facility, assuring the highest possible quality in our deliciously nutritious bites.

Mybite Milk Chocolate

Supplier & ingredient qualification

We only accept the highest-quality raw materials from select suppliers who meet our rigorous qualification standards.

Supplier & Ingredient Qualification
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Food Safety

Food safety

We conduct testing on our raw materials, manufacturing process and finished product.

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Product inspections

Before the manufacturing process even begins we perform quality and potency tests on our raw materials. Testing continues throughout the process to ensure quality.

roduct Inspections
On-Site Laboratory

Testing & tracking

Our on-site and outside labs enable us to verify that our products meet label claim and safety standards using scientifically developed methods. We validate potency, purity and identity of raw materials and finished goods. Each step of our manufacturing process is controlled ensuring you receive only the highest quality products.

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Of our workforce is dedicated to quality assurance and quality control


Of our products are lot tracked and tested to ensure safety and quality

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