7 beauty tips (including the best vitamins for skin)

7 beauty tips (including the best vitamins for skin)

7 beauty secrets and best vitamins for skin

7 beauty tips (including the best vitamins for skin)

Are you tired of trying to sort through all of the insider beauty tips and claims floating around the internet? Have you been searching for the best vitamins for skin, hair, and nails? Are you trying to find a beauty regimen that works for you and fits in with your lifestyle? Then, my friend, you’ve come to the right place.

Our chocolate vitamins have got you covered—we’ll break down which vitamins are best for beauty and give you additional curated beauty secrets to keep you looking and feeling great!

1. Wear sunscreen everyday

Sure, you put some on when you go to the beach or pool, but are you neglecting to protect your skin from the sun the rest of the days of the year? Wearing sunscreen is one of the best and easiest ways to not only protect from skin cancer, but also prevent premature aging, brown spots, and skin discoloration!

In fact, try to stay out of direct sunlight when you can. Hit the shady side of the sidewalk and take an umbrella with you to the beach. Your skin will thank you later.

2. Beauty tips to enhance your skin care routine

A lot of us are constantly on the go and multitasking—so a labor-intensive skin care routine seems out of the question. But there are a few critical steps you can take to keep your skin looking and feeling its best.

Find a good face moisturizer

Even if you have oily skin, don’t be afraid to moisturize! Your skin will only produce more oil if it’s feeling dehydrated. There are many moisturizers that incorporate SPF, so definitely start out your routine with a generous lathering (don’t forget your ears and neck!)

Hydrate your skin naturally

If your skin is still looking and feeling dehydrated you probably aren’t drinking enough water. Try to add a glass of water into your morning routine—wake up and immediately drink an 8oz glass to start your day off right.

The benefits of Vitamin C for skin

Did you know that you can use Vitamin C for skin? Add a Vitamin C serum to your routine! Vitamin C plays an important role in your body’s ability to make collagen. Collagen is a protein our bodies use for many things including skin elasticity and regeneration. Plus some studies have shown that topical Vitamin C can help treat and prevent UV damage!

Remove makeup before bed

Last but not least, at the end of the long day, no matter how tired you are, make sure you take off your make-up. If you’re someone who finds themselves too tired, make this as easy and accessible as possible for yourself—keep a box of makeup wipes on your nightstand!

3. You Are What You Eat

We all know it’s important to eat healthy and get in our daily servings of fruits and vegetables. But there are some foods that contain vitamins that are specifically good for your skin, hair, and nails!

What is the best source of protein?

For protein, try chicken, tofu, and/or eggs. In terms of vegetables, try to add in green and yellow peppers—they have even more Vitamin C than an orange! And for fruit, why not try some pineapple? Pineapple contains a huge amount of Vitamin C, but it also contains bromelain, an enzyme that can help reduce swelling and inflammation.

Reduce sugar intake

Go out of your way to avoid sugar—not only is it bad for the waistline and your teeth, but it can be causing breakouts! Sugar increases your body’s production of insulin, and insulin can cause acne.

Water, water, water!

And, of course, as already stated earlier, drink water! Want to make your water a little more interesting? Trying adding in cucumber, lemon, or watermelon. Watermelon contains lycopene, an antioxidant that can also help prevent sunburn!

4. Get Your Beauty Sleep

How much are you sleeping at night? Well-rested people are reported to have brighter eyes, a brighter complexion, clearer skin, and fewer wrinkles. Sleep is a regenerative process during which you produce anti-inflammatory cytokines that help heal the damage your body has incurred during the day.

Sleeping less = more stress

Lack of sleep also increases cortisol, the stress hormone, which can impair healing and cell regeneration. It can also cause hair and skin problems.

Supplements that help you sleep

If you are one of the 60 million other Americans who struggle with insomnia, try out our Mybite Sweet Zzz’s chocolate supplements! This sleep supporting supplement includes the best vitamins for sleep: melatonin, which supports a healthy sleep cycle, and l-theanine, which helps calm the mind and quiet your thoughts, making it easier to fall asleep.

Pro-tip: if you do have a rough night’s sleep and wake up with puffy eyes, keep a spoon in your freezer so you can use it on your under-eye area to reduce puffiness.

5. Don’t Wash Your Hair… Too Often

Are you short on time but still want great hair? You’re in luck! It’s actually better to not wash your hair daily.

Shampooing can hurt your hair

Shampoo strips your hair of its natural oil, which can leave it lacking luster. Try going a few days between washes, instead using a quality dry shampoo to keep hair from looking greasy. When you do wash your hair, make sure you are using a high quality, sulfate-free shampoo to avoid stripping your hair’s natural moisture.

Another way to save time while saving your hair? Cut back on blow-drying to avoid heat damage. Let those locks air dry!

Hair thinning? Try biotin

If you are experiencing hair thinning or hair loss consider adding biotin into your vitamin regimen. Several studies have shown that taking biotin can help with hair regrowth and cut down on shedding strands. Plus, it can also help strengthen your nails.

6. Reduce Your Stress

Stress doesn’t feel good, but it also doesn’t look good. Cortisol, which was mentioned earlier, is a hormone produced when you feel stressed. When cortisol levels are elevated in your body it can negatively impact your skin and hair. It increases oil production in your face, which can lead to acne, and also can lead to hair loss.

Make sure you invest in the type of self care that can reduce stress—like meditation, acupuncture, or aromatherapy.

Natural stress relievers

There are also many natural remedies for stress, including adaptogens—which are healing herbs for stress and fatigue. Ashwagandha is a popular adaptogen that can have anxiety and stress-relieving effects. Tulsi, also called Holy Basil, has been used for centuries to reduce both physical and mental stress. Both of these herbs come in tea form—and a hot beverage can also be soothing in and of itself.

So, next time you’re feeling run down and behind on that big to-do list—take a pause, and take yourself out for a mani/pedi or massage. Your skin, hair, and nails will thank you later.

7. True Beauty Comes From Within

At the end of the day, true beauty comes from within—it’s not only how you look, but also how you feel. Maintaining a consistent vitamin routine can get you on the right track to looking and feeling your best. But do hair and nail vitamins really work?

Let’s break it down—

  • Vitamin C: As we’ve already mentioned, collagen is essential for keeping your skin looking young and healthy. Vitamin C helps with collagen production.
  • Zinc: Zinc not only helps clear up acne prone skin, but it also helps combat gray hairs!
  • Vitamin A: Helps combat acne.
  • Vitamin E: An antioxidant that may help repair damaged cells.
  • Vitamin B12: Low vitamin B12 levels can cause hyperpigmentation, nail discoloration, and hair changes.
  • Niacin: Helps protect skin cells from sun damage.

That may sound like a lot of supplements to add to your regimen, but Mybite Hers contains all of the above vitamins! Our delicious, chocolate vitamins each contain your daily serving of all of the essentials to help with inner and outer beauty!

  • Calcium & Vitamin D: Aids teeth and bone health. Vitamin D helps with the absorption of calcium and also may open hair follicles allowing for more hair growth.

Mybite Calcium is another great option to get the calcium and Vitamin D boost your body needs! Who doesn’t want to eat a dark chocolate-y bite with rich salted caramel and a light fluffy center? The best part? It’s good for you.

As you can see, there are many simple things you can do to keep your skin, hair, and nails healthy. But if incorporating all of these suggestions feels overwhelming, the easiest thing you can do is take one (or multiple!) Mybite vitamins that will help you radiate beauty from the inside out.