Upgrade your work wear with these stylish fall fashion trends for 2020

Upgrade your work wear with these stylish fall fashion trends for 2020

Upgrade your work wear with these fall fashion trends

Upgrade your work wear with these stylish fall fashion trends for 2020

Fall fashion season is upon us! Are you bored with your work wardrobe? Tired of wearing the same button-down, slacks, and cardigan? It sounds like your fall office look needs an upgrade, and the good news is there are a few simple ways to update your closet without breaking the bank.

Before we dive into the most current 2020 fall fashion trends, here are some tips to make your life a little easier.

Stay Low Maintenance With These Fall Fashions

If you can, avoid dry clean only garments—but also know your fabrics. Some materials don’t need to be dry cleaned, but they do need to be treated with care.

Polyester, nylon, and spandex can be machine washed, but it’s better to let them air dry. Cotton and linen can shrink or fade with heat, so wash with cold water and air dry. Wool, silk, rayon, and viscose don’t do well with water, so it’s best to send these fabrics to the dry cleaner.

Another way to keep your wardrobe low maintenance and practical? Find several staple items that will glam up your fall work outfits. You don’t have time to be stressing about what to wear to work. If you find yourself stressing, accessories are your best friend—find a bold necklace to spruce up an old blouse, or throw on a patterned silk scarf that catches the eye.

To get more bang for your buck, fill out your wardrobe with a mix of one of a kind lavish pieces you splurge on, with less expensive basics.

Tips for Stress Free Shopping

Sometimes the thought of shopping feels totally daunting, especially if you’ve already had an exhausting week. Set yourself up for success by doing some of the following:

  • Know which colors compliment your skin tone
  • Know which shapes suit your body type
  • Dress to make it easy to shop—don’t wear something high maintenance and hard to get on and off (i.e. no button-downs!)

Nothing is worse than shopping while you’re tired. If you’re exhausted and need a pick me up to get through a big shopping trip try Mybite Energy. Each chocolate vitamin bite has the same amount of caffeine as a ¼ cup of coffee. After you’re properly energized you’ll be ready to put these fall outfit ideas into action!

2020 Fall Styles & Outfit Inspo

The recent 2020 trends perfectly compliment fall outfits for women in the office. A lot of what’s been seen on the runway is sophisticated, modest, and professional.

Classic Blazer

This is an easy go-to that can dress up any outfit. Throw it on over a tank top and some dark wash jeans, and you’ve got yourself a professional and chic office look. Get creative with the blazer look—you don’t need to go with the plain black suit jacket style! Try something new and wear a blazer over your favorite summer dress to upgrade it to a fall look.

Specifically, 2020 is leaning towards a power shoulder — think eighties inspired blazers with ample shoulder pads. Another trend ala the movie Clueless is plaid. It’s making a comeback this season and can freshen up your look. For a fun outfit idea pair a plaid blazer with a pair of slim-cut velvet pants and loafers for a spin on a classic style.

Jewel Tones

Jewel tones are saturated hues named for gems including sapphire blue, ruby red, amethyst purple, citrine yellow, and emerald green.

Take a risk with a splash of color, especially if you’re the type who tends to wear all black. Yes, black is always a chic option, but why not pair a jewel tone velvet blazer over a black shift dress? Stand out in your office instead of blending in, use fashion to represent your personality. But remember less is more, wear one colorful item and then neutrals for the rest of the outfit to keep it classy.


Not all heroes wear capes… but maybe they should! You’re a powerful, successful working woman—you can definitely pull off a cape. Capes are easy, versatile, and definitely make a statement.

They are also great for layering, which is perfect for the changing weather. Be a hero, wear a cape, and add flair to your look—work outfits for women this fall should be anything but boring!

Midi Skirts

Luckily the mini skirt has gone out of style, making way for a more work-appropriate skirt length for women’s office outfits. The midi skirt hits below the knee, ideally mid-calf, and is a professional and sophisticated style.

You can play with different hemlines—asymmetrical hems are very in this fall, and are a nice departure from the classic A-line. Although if A-lines are your thing, then pleats have made a comeback. Imagine a jewel tone pleated A-line midi skirt with a cinched waist black blazer. It’s a modern take on a classic get up, perfect for a work outfit.

Wrap skirts never go out of style, and are another flattering cut for any body type. Pair a bold printed wrap skirt with a simple solid top—maybe throw on a camel-colored cape? Tres chic, mademoiselle!

Simple knitwear

It’s finally sweater weather! There’s nothing cozier than a chunky slightly oversized knit sweater to keep you warm during the changing seasons. Simple knitwear is a steadfast go to because it’s timeless. There are ways to update this classic piece, and this season texture is playing a big role on the runways. Whether it’s a thin waffle knit, a delicate crochet, a thick cable knit, or soft chenille—play with different textures and weaving patterns to change it up.

Turtlenecks are also popping up on the runways this season, and innately give off a professional office place aesthetic. Turtlenecks are great for layering—try layering it over a dress or under a blazer for a fresh twist.


Think minimalism and practicality—a nice departure from some of the more high maintenance trends of yesteryear. Cargo trousers, pockets, crisp linen, trench coats, monochrome color schemes, khaki, high-waisted pants, twill, buckles and belts, tailored pieces—this trend is all about embracing the military, minimalist aesthetic and simplifying your wardrobe.


Jumpsuits have been gaining popularity over the past few years, and it’s no wonder because they are both easy and modern. The best part about a jumpsuit is you don’t need to pair it with anything except shoes and accessories. It’s a no brainer on a rushed morning. They are perfect for transitional weather and come in a variety of styles. More structured, utility shapes and colors are trending right now.

Using what you already have in your closet

This season has both timeless and modern looks trending. If you go through your closet you’ll probably be able to find that you already own some of these items. It’s all about pairing some of the old with some of the new. You probably have a chunky knit sweater on that top shelf or a turtleneck hanging in the back of your closet. You don’t necessarily have to spend a lot of money to update your look. It might be a simple reorganization of your closet—rediscovering old pieces that you can bring back into circulation.

When you look good, you feel good

Whether you lean towards jewel tones or neutrals, this season has a little something for everyone. And remember, you are so much more than what you wear, but when you look good you feel good! Try to wear pieces that reflect your personality and energy. Don’t be afraid of standing out in a crowd—allow yourself to be fabulous! You don’t need to be walking a runway to make bold fashion moves—your office is your everyday runway. Walk that runway with confidence!

Beauty comes from inside

No matter what fall trends appeal to you, and what outfits you come up with, remember that everything starts with your own, unique inner beauty. The best accessory for any outfit? A healthy glow! Beauty comes from within, starting with how you take care of your body and health. Invest in a multivitamin to keep you on your A-game—get Mybite Hers to keep you glowing year-round.