10 best ways to prevent a cold

10 best ways to prevent a cold

10 ways to avoid a cold

10 best ways to prevent a cold

It’s that time of year again! The one we all dread—not only is the weather changing, but we’ve hit another cold and flu season. Every year it feels like a bout of the whole runny nose, sneezing, sore throat, coughing blues is bound to happen. But it doesn’t have to be inevitable—here are some tips to help you prevent a cold.

1. Don’t touch your face—unless you must scratch an itch

No matter how much we wash and sanitize our hands, they are still home to over 150 strains of bacteria (don’t worry, some of that is good bacteria!) A common habit we all have is touching our faces—resting a hand on a cheek, rubbing our eyes, wiping our nose. According to UCI Health, “The T-Zone—eyes, nose and mouth—is the main portal of entry for viral infections such as influenza, colds and pneumonia.”

We’ve all heard that we shouldn’t touch our faces to prevent blemishes, but now you have another added reason—to prevent the transmission of the cold virus! (Though, keeping your skin clear is also a pretty great motivator).

Keep a bottle of small hand sanitizer nearby

Keep hand sanitizer right on your desk so you can give your hands a quick clean if you find yourself touching your face despite your best efforts. Or, leave yourself some funny post-it notes around the house or office to help reinforce the new, anti-habit. And, finally, we’ve talked to people that had success rubbing their hands with a scented lotion throughout the day. When the smell came close to their nose, as they reached for their face, their brain was triggered to stop!

2. Cut back on alcohol—everything in moderation

This one isn’t as much fun, but if you’re serious about avoiding a cold this season, cutting back on alcohol could be a huge help. Alcohol affects sleep quality, and lack of sleep leads to a weakened immune system!

So, while you don’t need to abstain from that evening glass of Pinot or weekend margarita, it’s a good idea to enjoy in moderation, making sure you get the kind of restful night your body needs to regenerate and replenish.

And if you do find yourself run down because you attended your best friend’s wedding and had one two many glasses of champagne—consider giving your immune system a helping hand by indulging in a yummy chocolate immune vitamin bite. A cold on top of a post-wedding slump? No thank you.

3. Have a protein-filled breakfast (we see you breakfast skippers!)

Consuming a protein-rich diet is a great way to keep your immune system working hard. Proteins help the body make antibodies, which fight off bacteria and viruses. Try making a peanut butter protein shake for yourself in the morning (bonus: your kids will love it too)! Simply add milk, peanut butter, chia seeds, and a few ice cubes and blend! Optionally add in some cocoa, a banana, or some protein powder depending on your mood!

Pro tip: by adding a probiotic to your daily routine, you can help with your body absorb all of that protein!

4. Wipe down your gym equipment—trust us

It’s incredibly important to keep up your exercise regimen as being active is also a way to avoid getting sick. But before you jump on that elliptical or stair master, grab an antibacterial wipe and give it a quick clean. We go to the gym to improve our health, but did you know that, according to a study done by FitRated, free weights have 39 times the amount of bacteria as a toilet seat? So, while it’s crucial to give those weights a wipe down during cold season, it’s probably a good idea to do it all year round.

5. Zinc—Not just sunblock for your nose!

Knowing the facts about when and how to use zinc is crucial. Zinc is best used as a preventative measure, although using it after the onset of cold symptoms is also beneficial. In a study on common cold prevention, it was shown that zinc supplementation was shown to cut the duration of a cold down by 33%!

Adding Mybite Kidz into your tot’s daily routine is the delicious way to make sure they get all the zinc they need, along with other powerful vitamins A, C, D, and E. (Bonus: it can also contribute to clear, glowing skin! Your pre-teens will thank you)!

6. Echinacea—an old remedy backed by research

It can be hard to know which vitamins are good for your immune system…which is why we put it right in the name! Mybite Immune uses zinc as well as Echinacea. Echinacea comes from a plant in the daisy family and has been used for hundreds of years—mainly gaining popularity in the 1920s and 30s.

Since then there have been many studies about its usage, and it’s been shown that Echinacea increases the number of white blood cells—and white blood cells are what your body uses to fight infection. In addition, taking Echinacea in the form of an immune-boosting vitamin, it is also commonly sold as a tea—and hey, a warm beverage never hurt when warding off a sore throat!

7. Go get a massage—you’re welcome

We might have told you to cut back on alcohol, but now we’re also telling you to get regular massages! It’s all about balance, right? It’s time to stop viewing massages as an exorbitant luxury and start considering them as part of your monthly health regimen.

According to a study done at Cedars-Sinai in Los Angeles, people who received massage therapy showed an increase in white blood cells! And as we stated earlier in this post, white blood cells are what the body uses to fight infection. So, go book that deep tissue or shiatsu massage you’ve been putting off in the name of budgeting. It’s called self-care!

8. Disinfect your phone. We all know we should be doing this…

We hate to break it to you…but your smartphone might carry up to ten times more bacteria than a toilet seat (not as bad as those weights at the gym, but still—GROSS)! Think about it—we touch our phones with our hands all day long, then we hold them up to our faces.

Some of us (you know who you are) even take our phones into the bathroom with us! Grab yourself a microfiber cloth and some rubbing alcohol and go to town. Make your kids do it too—they probably are on their phones more than you are. More high tech? They now have UV light phone disinfectors!

9. Meditate so you don’t have to medicate

Meditation apps have become the #1 growing trend on the pocket life enhancement market for a reason. According to researchers, mindfulness meditation can increase CD-4 cells, which are the immune system’s helper cells. Studies also show that meditation can alter the body’s immune function by increasing levels of antibodies.

Not to mention the other positive benefits of meditation including stress reduction, anxiety relief, pain control, and improvement in sleep. And that’s only a handful of the scientifically backed claims. Namaste that cold away!

10. Buy a new purse… you heard us correctly!

If you use a cloth bag it’s time to upgrade to something leather (or another easily cleanable material). Cloth handbags collect bacteria, and unlike a leather or vinyl bag, they cannot be easily wiped down with disinfectant. This is a great excuse to go shopping and treat yourself to that vegan leather cross-body bag you’ve had your eye on since last month. And if anyone asks…it’s for your health!

It’s easy to get busy and forget to take time for self-care, but this cold season, try to follow some of these simple suggestions to avoid getting sick. At the very least we’re pretty sure you can’t argue with a day of meditation, massage, and a shopping trip—topped off with enjoying a delicious chocolate Mybite vitamin for an extra health boost!